Begin your journey to Phannapast Taychamaytakool’s Rainbow Universe and get to know the unique, rare collectible RainbowSue NFT, a must-have in any art collection

(24 August 2023) Even in our darkest hour when problems seem over-whelming, we can still patiently await the rainbow to appear after the storm. This is the concept of artist and designer ‘Yoon’ Phannapast Taychamaytakool’s work, and it has helped her achieve plaudits and recognition around the world. It is the hope and inspiration we find in rainbows that inspired her to create RainbowSue NFT, the first Web 3.0 or digital art project that has elevated Thai art to a global level.

Phannapast’s work is unique as she uses bright lines and colours to depict the characters of different animals and tell her stories. Her work is contemporary with a distinctly international feel, a style which has been honed through her work with world-class brands including Gucci, Bang and Olufsen, Nike, Sulwhasoo, Instagram, Nescafé, as well as Japanese band Kikagaku Moyo, and many more. This work has enabled her to build a global fanbase.

Starting her work in NFT Art in 2022, Phannapast has already sold a 1/1 piece at the price of 5 ETH, or around THB 320,000. For the first time ever, she has created a collection, ‘RainbowSue’, featuring a total of 5,555 physical collectibles, each authenticated via blockchain technology. Each digital figure can be identified by an embedded NFC chip for authentication, preventing counterfeiting and imitations. This ensures each RainbowSue figure is unique while also keeping true to the concepts aim of cheerfulness, fun and socializing, making it a rare item that will be an essential addition for any collector.

Speaking about the origin of the project, Phannapast said, “RainbowSue was born from my mother’s view of the world, that even if obstacles block your path in life, you must wait patiently until things become clear and the rainbow appears after the storm. This, along with her Chinese nickname Sue, gave birth to RainbowSue: a symbol of hope. It reminds us to be patient, fight for what we love, and wait for success in the future.”

The RainbowSue pop-up event was recently held at CenterPoint Siam Square giving fans the chance to preview the highlight pieces. The event included a talk with ‘Yoon’ Phannapast Taychamaytakool and other artists who designed pieces as part of the project, including Korndoll78, Tikkywow, Tum Ulit, Tu_Illustratu. Other guests included a new generation of influencers such as Ninna Yanin, Holly Holland, Jerry Film, and Aim, and all attendees enjoyed fun activities throughout the day.
“Art is booming again as people return to the scene. We can see from our recent exhibition that Web 3.0 or digital Art gives us another exciting way to show our work as it allows us to try new ways to create art while also building a community of like-minded people from all over the world. This can help push the work of Thai artists to the global audience,” said Phannapast.

Labeled CEO Shawn Lim said, “Other features RainbowSue collectors will enjoy include access to private events such as art exhibitions, Virtual Gallery, artist meet & greets, Private Art events and sponsored events, other collectibles from the RainbowSue project and Yoon Phannapast’s personal items will also be available for RainbowSue collectors.”


RainbowSue will be available to fans worldwide for the first time in October 2023 and will begin shipping to collectors in early 2024. Pre-orders are available now for a special price of $100 instead of $130 via .

For the convenience of obtaining NFT figures, collectors should register for a Labelled account via

A talented artist is taking us to an infinite universe. And are you going to fall behind?