Siam Yacht Club

Siam Yacht Club at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers beckons travelers and city residents with an alluring blend of distinctive cultural tradition, contemporary dining and lounging, and diverse social occasions.

What is Siam Yacht Club?

Siam Yacht Club is a culinary and social experience like no other in Bangkok – something truly new on the horizon and with ideal conditions for dining and socializing.

Inspired by Bangkok’s heritage as bustling riverside capital and inland port of call, Siam Yacht Club is where an ancient capital meets the modern metropolis alongside the River of Kings.

Further setting the scene is a location in Bangkok’s Yaowarat/Charoen Krung Road neighborhood – one of the city’s oldest and these days most vibrant districts – amid architectural gems like the historic Grand Postal Building (now home of TCDC), while inside the Club nautical-themed design motifs captivate throughout.

Whether guests arrive over land or by water (at SYC’s own dock), they’re warmly welcomed into a club-like atmosphere that’s just right for gathering the family, hanging out with friends, meeting up with colleagues or simply sitting back and enjoying the riverside lifestyle.

It’s also a destination that’s a true feast in every sense. At Siam Yacht Club, the best of Thailand comes alive through all five senses: taste, touch, sight, scent and sound.

See it in the nautical design motifs alluding to Bangkok’s revered past while reflecting its exciting present. Taste it in superb cuisine served indoors and out and likewise absorb it in the aromas of Thai spices and the world’s finest wines. Touch it in the texture of distinctive furnishings, fittings and tableware. Hear it in live music performance as well as carefully crafted soundscapes in every room and area.

Siam Yacht Club – a five-star experience for all five senses.

Smooth sailing to great dining, diverse socializing and much more

The dining and drinking experience at Siam Yacht Club reflects Bangkok’s history as a cultural waypoint and its current status as global cuisine capital.

Indeed, there’s a bit of that history in every bite and sip. Guests taste it in myriad spices tracing back to Siam trade routes centuries ago and in abundant herbs long a mainstay at shopfronts in Bangkok’s Chinatown neighborhood. They likewise get a flavor of contemporary viticulture and mixology with the Club’s very own wine label as well as its private cellar with selection of old- and new-world vintages. A commitment to cocktail culture at its most innovative and imaginative further heightens the experience.

Defining restaurant elements include the main dining area’s open kitchen where culinary professionals create flavorful and beautifully presented Thai and international favorites.

As to local specialties, recipes and ingredients reflect the wide-ranging cookery influences which over ages have evolved into today’s Thai food, unarguably one of the world’s most refined and popular cuisines.

The food-and-drink experience at Siam Yacht Club unfolds within indoor venues and at casual outdoor spots along the river, each with its own mood and feel. The Club’s private dining and function rooms likewise provide distinctive settings for any occasion.

Providing culinary direction at Siam Yacht Club is Chef Nu–Natchayapong Homsombutchoti. Chef Nu has created a variety of Siam Yacht Club’s unique and sumptuous seafood delicacies such as ‘Seafood Tempura’ (Japanese-style tempura with Thai herbs and spices), ‘SYC Seafood Tower’ (Long Tail plates ideal for sharing served with SYC XO sauce), ‘Calamaretti’ (Creamy Tom Yam Pasta with seafood), available only at Siam Yacht Club.

Among signature drinks are Pier N3 with Kakubin Japanese whisky and elderflower syrup served in a fresh whole pineapple, Fireboat mixed vodka, malibu, caramel syrup, fresh ginger, chili, shallot, Maritime with Korean vodka ‘Soju’, aperol, bianco vermouth, sparkling wine and choice of popsicles (passion fruit, lychee, pineapple), Catamaran blended ‘Phraya’ luxury Thai rum, blue curacao, mango syrup, grapefruit juice, mint and served with pomelo. in addition to non-alcoholic selections including tailor-made fruit punch and healthy smoothies.

Siam Yacht Club is much more than restaurant and bar. It’s a community where like-minded Bangkokians gather to catch up and mingle to the sound of great live music and top DJ tunes from sundown to late at night. City residents and visitors also mark their calendars ahead of regular happenings at the Club like dance classes, LGBTQ+ events and more.

Venue facilities

With views onto the noble Chao Phraya River, distinct and well-arranged restaurant and lounging spaces create an engaging nautical-themed ambience. The Club’s elegant indoor venues, guests can find a large full-bar, open-kitchen and live grill station with 40 guests seated comfortably surrounded by sophisticated ambience and panoramic river view from the large window. And casual outdoor spot at riverside has its own bar and combination seating of tables for dining and lounge furniture to relax for 150 people. Moreover, SYC also has a private room for 12 people, all have their own mood and feel as do private dining and function rooms.

Set course for Siam Yacht Club and a truly different culinary and social experience on the banks of the Chao Phraya, one where the riverside way of life and a genuine sense of community are open to all.

Siam Yacht Club at Royal Orchid Sheraton Hotel & Towers. Open every day from 5.00 p.m. to 1.00 a.m. For more information or reservations, please visit our website, call: 02 266 0123 or email: